From solar panels that reduce our reliance on non-renewable power to rainwater catchment systems that keep our taps flowing, we thrive because of our investment in the quality and efficiency of our production facilities.

These claims are backed by certifications from internationally recognized entities, including ISO 14001, ISO 9000, ISO 45001, and USGBC LEED. Our commitment to eco-friendliness means we continue to update these facilities whenever new technologies or practices are found.

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Even the cheapest of cleaning tools can look and feel premium with blocks, handles, and backs made with high-quality wood. With 69,000 square feet dedicated to wood production and 47,000 square feet of warehousing for the output, Beira Brush are de facto leaders in producing valuable wood products.

Located in a 9-acre plot in Ingiriya, Sri Lanka, our factory is perfectly positioned to make use of FSC™ certified wood for our production. We manufacture approximately 10.6 million linear feet of wood per annum, producing high quality wood blocks in plain, lacquered, and painted finishes. We also produce handles using rubber, beech, and birch wood.

The facility features high-efficiency European machinery from the likes of Borghi, Boucherie, and Schlesinger. These machines are updated regularly to maximize the output while minimizing wastage, a perfect combination for clients who need high-quality products that are used worldwide.

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As a complete-solution cleaning tool manufacturer, we feature a plastic injection molding plant with a monthly capacity of 360,000 pieces or 78,800kg. Being leaders in the Sri Lankan recycling industry, the plastics facility also has a recycled plastic pellet manufacturing capacity of 45,000kg per month.

The factory produces all plastic materials used in our final products, including solid and foam based items such as:

  • Hang tags for a multitude of uses.
  • Plastic backs, connectors, and sockets for brooms and brushes.
  • Utility items such as dust pans, buckets, mop bucket filters, and many more!

Our plastics production uses the best in plastics machinery:Haitian and Presma branded machines produce consistent, high-quality parts and products efficiently. Most of our machines feature servo motor drivers to minimize electricity usage, driving home our commitment to sustainability.

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Having a single supplier that can manufacture, assemble, and ship out cleaning tools is not just convenient; it also results in durable, reliable, and valuable products that are easily marketable. Beira Brush has such characteristics because we control every step of the production process:

  • Our cotton yarn is imported from nearby India, saving on shipping costs.
  • Our synthetic yarn is imported from Canada and can also be produced from locally-recycled plastic.
  • The components are made and assembled into brushes and mops in the factory.
  • The completed products are packaged in recycled materials and shipped out direct.
Using the model above, we produce more than 7.5 million cleaning tools yearly and ship to clients worldwide. The quality of our products is easily proven by the continued business we enjoy from long-time clients, with additional capacity for new opportunities. A selection of 3500 products can be further developed with our dedicated, internal R&D department.

Of course, no factory would be complete without a workforce. We are confident that we have some of the most experienced and motivated people in the industry. We train our people to be great at their jobs, and we treat them well to keep them happy doing it. These factors combined make Beira Brush a top choice for cleaning tool manufacturing.

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We build production facilities based on U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) guidelines. These guidelines encourage the use of natural lighting, rainwater harvesting, and efficient energy usage.

Our buildings have received LEED certifications that prove our commitment to ensuring efficient production facilities that are healthy for its occupants. We have extensive solar arrays on our rooftops, rainwater catchment systems for water savings, and have ensured a healthy working environment above and beyond standard practices employed elsewhere.

Coupled with our investment in human capital, these LEED certified buildings ensure we have a safe, motivated workforce that works efficiently and produce outstanding results.